Money transfers

The best option to transfer money abroad right now is to use Wise. What is Wise?   Wise is a global technology company that develops the best way to transfer money worldwide. Over 10 million people and businesses have stopped using banks, PayPal, and traditional vendors because Wise is cheaper, faster, and more accessible. Huge… Continue reading Money transfers

Settlement assistance

The service is only available in Winnipeg, Manitoba. If your trip stresses you, you don’t know what else awaits you in Canada. Are you afraid of renting an apartment via the Internet or generally prefer to meet someone before departure so that he can help you with everything, advise you, show you around and arrange… Continue reading Settlement assistance

Translation of documents

We offer sworn translations from English and into English of documents needed to evaluate education, in the immigration process, and for personal needs. We have competitive prices and if you need to translate something, write to us:

Career Consultant

on days more to come 🙂


We are pleased to introduce to you TodayCanada, which was created for everyone willing to learn English. It aims to help you master the language to use it in everyday life and helps you gain the desired permanent residence by preparing for language exams. Dorota as an English teacher with almost 20 years of experience,… Continue reading IELTS/CELPIP

Canadian Citizenship

Obtaining Canadian citizenship is the ultimate goal of many of Canada’s permanent residents. To apply for Canadian citizenship, you must meet several requirements, including:    – stay in Canada as a resident for at least three years from the last five years (1095 days)    – fulfill the obligation to submit tax returns    –… Continue reading Canadian Citizenship

Sponsoring a family member or partner

Canada offers the opportunity to sponsor family members. To sponsor, you must be a Canadian citizen or resident, be at least 18 years of age and meet any additional requirements. People you can sponsor are: – spouses – partners (you must prove a relationship of at least 12 months) – children under 22 (with exceptions)… Continue reading Sponsoring a family member or partner

Study Visa

It is a document that allows international students to study in Canada. The university must be on the list of recognized institutions (DLI) to issue the permit. Please note that in addition to a Study Permit, you also need an Electronic Canada Travel Permit (eTA). If a study permit is issued, the eTA will be… Continue reading Study Visa

Work Permit

There are two types of work permits – closed (1 employer) or open (any employer). The kind and type of application largely depend on the work performed, the program, and the individual situation. Below are some of the occupations and work permit situations:    – an employee in film or television production    – researcher… Continue reading Work Permit

Tourist Visa

Canada is a trendy destination for tourists. Unfortunately, some nationalities require a visa to visit Canada, but UE countries are among those countries that can enjoy a visa-free tourist entry.   The standard period you can stay in Canada as a tourist is six months, although the final decision rests with the Immigration Officer. If… Continue reading Tourist Visa