Canadian Citizenship

Obtaining Canadian citizenship is the ultimate goal of many of Canada’s permanent residents.


To apply for Canadian citizenship, you must meet several requirements, including:

   – stay in Canada as a resident for at least three years from the last five years (1095 days)

   – fulfill the obligation to submit tax returns

   – passing the exam on the history of Canada (candidates 18-54 years old)

   – giving a language exam – listening and speaking, CLB4 level (candidates 18-54 years old)


Compliance with the requirements and favorable consideration of the application is crowned with the official Canadian citizenship ceremony. The next step is to apply for a Canadian passport.


If you are not sure if you can apply for citizenship, please contact us!

Why eKanada?

We are a young Canadian Polish community who emigrated quite recently and knew like no one else how complicated the process is and how much it all depends on the details.

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