Money transfers

The best option to transfer money abroad right now is to use Wise. What is Wise?   Wise is a global technology company that develops the best way to transfer money worldwide. Over 10 million people and businesses have stopped using banks, PayPal, and traditional vendors because Wise is cheaper, faster, and more accessible. Huge… Continue reading Money transfers

Settlement assistance

The service is only available in Winnipeg, Manitoba. If your trip stresses you, you don’t know what else awaits you in Canada. Are you afraid of renting an apartment via the Internet or generally prefer to meet someone before departure so that he can help you with everything, advise you, show you around and arrange… Continue reading Settlement assistance

Educational evaluation (ECA)

Why do we need education evaluation: Some employers require our diploma or education to be certified if we have not finished any school in CanadaUniversities require it if we plan to study at a higher degree than the one we currently haveIt will also be helpful if our profession is regulatedHowever, most often, we need… Continue reading Educational evaluation (ECA)