5 most common questions

1. How to start the entire administrative, paperwork and legal procedure?

Before you do all of this, it’s best to check our blog first – you’ll find many helpful posts there. Then check out the posts on a Facebook group. Maybe someone has already asked questions similar to those you are looking for answers to. Finally, read the details on the government website. You can go through the entire immigration process on your own or with the help of our blog and group on FB. It will be the cheapest this way.

In general, there are many immigration opportunities, and you need to adapt to the immigration program, the requirements you will be able to meet. The process itself is very long, tedious, and time-consuming. It would help if you prepared a hefty dose of patience and read all the details – a small thing can change a lot. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, but I recommend getting to know the basics first.

Or you can use our paid immigration assistance service, and we’ll take care of everything for you.

2. Are you who live there happy that Canada is your home?

It is better not to ask such questions, and the answers to them should not affect your decision – opinions, by definition, are very individual, and it’s a bit like asking if you like spinach. If you don’t try it, you won’t find out if you want it, and it may turn out that you don’t like raw food, but in pancakes or sauce, yes. It is the same with Canada or everything else. It all depends on your luck and individual situation – one is good here, another is not, and still, others do not make any difference. Some people change their minds one way or the other over time. A lot also depends on how we will go initially and how the immigration process will go, which is very stressful. Indeed, it may be easier for people who already have some emigration behind them. They already know what it means to be in exile and miss home.

Many people believe that the best goal is to obtain citizenship and then go free, whether to return to Poland or continue to another country. You can always go back to Canada or pass citizenship to your children. It is easier to survive the homesickness when you have a specific goal.

3. What city do you recommend to start? I was thinking about Toronto / Vancouver.

There is no simple answer, especially as you can see that the city is already predetermined. Choose a town after getting familiar with immigration programs. Once we know which province will be the easiest for us to immigrate to and what the emigration to the province in which it is our predetermined city looks like, we have to decide. Usually, the most popular destinations have the most complicated emigration due to the most onerous immigration regulations. Everyone wants to emigrate there, so these regulations are heavier there. However, immigration is so individual that it depends on so many factors (age, education, work experience, language skills …) that it is difficult to say whether it will be difficult for you or not. It may be that this famous city is the best for you in terms of immigration regulations. However, for most, it is not. Although most assume they will come to International Experience Canada for a year to see if they like Canada, in most cases, after this year, it is too late to be able to sign up for a program. Therefore, I recommend that you think about it before you leave.

Let’s say you have this privilege, and you can choose any city in Canada. From an economic point of view, Toronto and Vancouver are the worst choices. There’s a housing bubble out there. The prices of flats and houses are 2-3 times higher than the prices in other large cities in other provinces. There are too few apartments for rent, making it almost impossible to rent an apartment on one salary. Sometimes there are 50 applications for one flat. Also, the rental prices are twice as high, and the wages are similar to those in other cities. Also, choosing any other big city in other provinces will be better economically. Toronto also loses the time it takes to get to the bosom of nature – however, it is a metropolis, so traffic jams and very long distances can be felt. But it is gaining among young people who like metropolises, pubs and city life. On the other hand, Vancouver wins with the most beautiful nature in all of Canada and the lack of a harsh winter. You need to get used to a large number of rainy days.

Montreal, I call it Canadian Wrocław, is a bustling student city. However, to take full advantage of it, you need to learn French.

With its province and other Atlantic provinces, Halifax will be the perfect place on earth for lovers of Anne of Green Gables.

Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta in general, fare best economically. They have the highest income tax thresholds and the lowest TAX. Especially Calgary, with its international airport, proximity to the Rocky Mountains, and beautiful views, can be the perfect destination for all those who love mountains and winter sports.

The cities of Saskatchewan province are suitable for people who fit perfectly into their immigration regulations and are considering working on a farm.

Winnipeg, Manitoba. The most contentious part of Canada. Either you love her, or you hate her. In stereotypes, Winnipeg is Radom of Canadian cities, even though it looks more like Łódź. You are reading about high crime and long cold winters. However, it’s not that scary here. I have lived here myself since 2010. It is a great place to start. Here, in most cases, the easiest way to obtain permanent residence. Economically, it is also a perfect option. An hour from Winnipeg, Grand Beach resembles a Polish beach by the sea. So that all those who love Polish Pomerania, Masuria, or Bory Tucholskie will feel at home here, so if you have the easiest path to permanent residence here, take advantage of it.

Everyone is looking for something different, but sometimes it is worth postponing dreams so that you can first realize more mundane things, such as a permanent stay that will give you relaxation, peace of mind, and freedom.

4. Is it difficult to rent an apartment for people who have just moved there?

If you choose Vancouver or Toronto, then yes. There is a housing crisis going on, and rental prices are much higher than anywhere else, so there is a good chance that you will only be renting a room or basement. To rent an apartment, you need two people with two salaries, a credit history, and an employer, or be very lucky. It is a bit easier to find a flat when looking for a place in the Polish diaspora. In other cities, this is not a problem, you can rent an apartment yourself, having only savings on your account, and there is a choice of apartments, depending on the color.

5. If you can, please list Canada’s three pros and cons.

Pros: Close to nature, fully accessible, friendly and helpful people, dreams at your fingertips … You can find more pluses here.

Cons: no private health service, few vacation days, expensive flights to Europe … More minuses here.


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